Love and Goodness for All, an article by Ichitami Shikanai, 7th Dan, Brazil

Due to the global spread of the corona virus, the number of unemployed people in every country has increased, and the state of affairs is particularly concerning.

I have much respect for the opinions of Kyoto University Professor Yamanaka and Nagasaki University Professor Yamamoto as reported by the NHK News. Professor Yamanaka said, “This is a long war, so instead of a way to get rid of it, we must find a way to live with it.” I have focused on Professor Yamamoto’s opinion. As a professor who traveled around the world teaching about infectious disease prevention, he told the local peoples to think 10 years ahead and change their way of life as a precautionary measure. He said we should not exclude the virus but try to live with it.

From both of them, I am hearing that we need to face the virus with the spirit of Aikido. I was greatly encouraged when Kisshomaru Second Doshu once said, “I would have you forget this win or lose debate.”

The need to make a new way of life is beginning to change many industries around the world. Even in Aikido, perhaps new techniques or ways of practicing will come about. But, listening to the words of the two professors further convinces me that the world is showing us how Aikido is necessary.

As the Founder studied in Omoto-kyo under the guidance of Onisaburo Deguchi, there is a principal called “Love and Goodness for All.” In my mind, it refers to Professor Yamamoto’s call to coexist with the virus. Aiki, symbiosis. These two words come to my mind. Brazil is a country with large social disparity, and workers who live off the day’s wages cannot abide by the stay home orders.

Japanese infectious disease specialists, obtaining the cooperation of the citizens have implemented measures for success other countries cannot imitate. I cannot help but feel that the beautiful green archipelago of Japan, and the Japanese people who live there have a special mission for the world in this era of change.

As Kisshomaru Second Doshu said many times, let’s wait for the day we can do practice.

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